今日主題:Pump Up the Bass—and Maybe Your Confidence

洪欣老師推薦:托福聽力最好的課外教材:60-Second Science

1. 先聽兩三遍 (不看文稿)
2. 再一句一句聽寫 (每句都要聽寫數遍,直到寫出85%以上的字)
3. 最後check文稿,看哪聽不出來,單字沒背過,還是發音不熟。
4. 堅持天天聽,就能每天進步哦。

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We all have those confidence-surging songs we listen to before a big event. Now researchers say that the lyrics are not necessarily what make us feel dominant—it's the booming bass. That's according to a study in the journal Social Psychology and Personality Science. [Dennis Y. Hsu et al, The Music of Power: Perceptual and Behavioral Consequences of Powerful Music]

Certain types of music, such as heavy metal and hip-hop, make people feel powerful and aggressive. To find out why, researchers had people listen to dozens of songs. Then they asked how powerful the participants felt while listening. Topping the list for imbuing a sense of strength: Queen's anthem "We Will Rock You." At the bottom? Baha Men's questioning "Who Let the Dogs Out?".
某些類型的音樂,如重金屬搖滾音樂和嘻哈舞曲,讓人感到有力量,有闖勁。為了找出其中的原因,研究人員讓人們聽了很多歌曲。然後詢問他們,每首歌所帶給他 們的力量如何。結果顯示,可以給予人力量的位居榜首的歌曲是像皇后樂隊的頌歌《我們將你震撼》這樣的歌曲。而位居榜尾的是像巴哈馬樂團的《誰讓狗出去的》 這樣的歌曲。

The researchers then had subjects listen to the songs and do some tests. In one, the volunteers were told they could win money if they predicted the outcome of a die roll, either by a third-party or themselves. Even though the outcome would be random in either case, those who had listened to bass-heavy music were more likely to want to be the one to roll the die.

In other tests, participants listening to bass-heavy music picked more powerful words when doing word exercises and were more likely to want to go first in debates. So, if you want a power boost , try just pumping up the bass.
—Erika Beras


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