📝Laws are designed chiefly to ( protect public health)…
📝Physical disobedience身體侵害
📝Infliction of property damage 財產受損
📝Potential murder 可能的謀殺

🔹Criminal law can deal with murder, theft, adultery, or the like; economical law provides a rule for economic activity and settles the dispute between both sides of the trade; tax law makes sure that taxis handed in according to the tax standard.
🔹In a democratic society the chief function of laws is to strike a balance among competing interests.

🔹Laws and regulations are set up along with the entrenchment of a government serving as a means to control the country.

🔹人流 abortion , 死刑 execution,安樂死 euthanasia
🔹Individual with particular religious beliefs tend to view laws allowing mothers an abortion choice as unjust, while individuals with other value system might view such law as just.
One need look no further than the application of euthanasia. To deprive other's lives is widely recognized as illegal and criminal behavior; however, euthanasia is not crime but benevolence. From time to time some patients are hopeless as their diseases are cureless at that time, they cannot bear the afflictions of the disease any further, and their families are also on the brink of collapse mentally and economically. Therefore, peaceful death is the most helpful choice both to the patients and to their family. Under this circumstance, the doctors should help their poor patients with euthanasia, and these behaviors should never be judged guilty.


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