The $160,000 starter salary
If you could earn more money by going back to university for two years, would you do it? What if you could earn a vast amount more?
That’s been the result for graduates from a handful of the more prestigious masters of business administration (MBA) programs this year.
While some are earning mega-bucks, others are working hard on their interview skills and making that valuable first impression — can you really make a good impression and find early success, regardless of the degree?
These are topics several LinkedIn Influencers weighed in on this week. Here’s what two of them had to say.
John A Byrne, founder and chief executive at C Change Media
約翰•伯恩(John A Byrne):C Change Media的創始人和首席執行官
“Newly-minted MBAs from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business landed record-breaking pay packages this year of $160,287,” reported Byrne in his post You Won’t Believe How Much Employers are Paying Stanford MBAs. “Median base pay, which had been unchanged for four years, rose 4% to an all-time high of $130,000, while the median guaranteed annual bonus rose 67% to $52,500. Median sign-on bonuses for graduating MBAs of $25,000 remained unchanged,” he wrote.
「斯坦福大學商學院工商管理碩士應屆畢業生的薪資今年達到160,287美元,打破了往年的紀錄,」伯恩在他的文章《雇主開給斯坦福MBA畢業生的薪資高 到讓人難以置信》(You Won』t Believe How Much Employers are Paying Stanford MBAs)中提到。「基本薪資的中位數到去年為止連續四年間沒有變化,不過今年增加了4%,達到13萬美元,創下歷史新高。承諾的年終獎的中位數增加 67%,達到52,500美元。簽約獎金的中位數是25,000美元,保持不變,」他寫道。
But, Byrne added, that figure could actually be a low estimation as at Stanford, for example, the category ‘other guaranteed compensation’ doesn’t list perks such as “equity grants, stock options, tuition reimbursement, relocation expense reimbursement,” among other incentives.
Value for money?
So what’s driving up the salaries of MBA graduates from Stanford and some other business schools? The rise in pay was largely driven by sizeable increases in offers from the financial sector, especially in venture capital, private equity, and hedge funds.
“The median base pay for Stanford MBAs taking jobs in venture capital firms was a whopping $175,000, with another $67,500 in other guaranteed compensation. For MBAs going the private equity/leverage buyout route, the median starting salary was $152,500, with a $25,000 sign-on bonus,” and other benefits, Byrne wrote. At least 13% of Stanford graduates went into these fields.
「獲風險投資公司錄用的斯坦福大學MBA畢業生的基本薪資中位數驚人,達到17.5萬美元,其他承諾補助達到6.75萬美元。而從事私募股權或杠桿收購的 畢業生,其起薪中位數為15.25萬美元,簽約獎金為2.5萬美元」,另加其他福利,伯恩寫道。進入以上這些領域的畢業生佔斯坦福MBA畢業生總數的 13%以上。
Maynard Webb, chairman at Yahoo!
梅納德•韋伯(Maynard Webb);雅虎董事會主席
“There was no money for college and I needed to help contribute for things I wanted or needed. By the time I was 12, I took on a (newspaper delivery) route,” wrote Webb in his post How to Achieve Early Success in Your Career. He took on a job to earn extra cash while he was at high school but because he also had to balance schoolwork and sports, he “learned the power of adopting the spirit of AND — I realised that I could do as many things as I put my mind to.”
「我上大學的時候因為沒有錢,所以我想買東西的話就要打工掙錢。我12歲時,就開始當報童了。」韋伯在他的文章《如何在職業生涯的早期就獲得成功》 (How to Achieve Early Success in Your Career)中提到。他在高中時,就開始打工賺錢,但同時他還要平衡學業和體育活動。也就是在那時「我學會和懂得了精神的力量——我發現有志者事竟成。」
The experience had a lasting impact on how Webb approached his career and how he advises others to find success.
“I’ve been at that difficult early stage of starting out and having nothing. But I also knew that didn’t mean I needed to stay there,” he wrote. “Being the CEO of your own destiny is a mindset. It does not mean you have to start your own company or ignore your responsibilities. It’s understanding that you are in control of where you go… I’ve found almost anything is possible and achievable if you really are willing.”
One key to that, Webb wrote, is to not focus on achieving success, but rather on having an impact via what you do. That, he wrote, is one secret of success: put money-making second and the value of service and making an impact first.
“Having money gives you certain degrees of freedom, but it doesn’t buy fulfilment. So start investing in finding that now,” he wrote. How can you do that if you aren’t sure? Webb suggested asking yourself: 「擁有金錢能夠賦予你一定程度的自由,但是金錢買不到成就感。所以,現在就要開始對成就感投資,」他寫道。如果你沒法確定如何獲得成就感的話,你該如何去 做?韋伯建議你自問:「你打算做什麼?你應該向什麼方向發力?」
“What are you intended to do? Where are you supposed to go?”
Then, he wrote, “volunteer for the jobs no one wants and always show the people you work with that you can do more. Stretch yourself to do things you weren’t trained for — you’ll create golden opportunities for yourself.”


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