160524【AGRICULTURE 農業】:agricultural implements 農具  




【AGRICULTURE 農業】:agricultural implements 農具
1. hoe [ho] n. 鋤頭;v. 鋤
Hoe is a garden tool with a long handle and a short blade used to break up weeds.
2. sickle [ˋsɪkḷ] n. 鐮刀( = reaping hook)
A sickle is a tool with a curved blade used to cut grain or grass.
3. spade [sped] n. (挖土)鏟;鍬
Spade is a tool used for digging earth or sand, with a handle and a flat blade. Compared with shovel, the handle of spade is shorter than that of shovel. 
4. pick [pɪk] n. 鎬
A pick has a heavy metal head pointed at one or both ends, used for breaking hard surfaces.
5. shovel [ˋʃʌvḷ] n. (搬運)鏟子,鐵鍬
A shovel is a tool with a long handle and curved blade for lifting and moving things.


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