ETS托福項目的執行總監Srikant Gopal表示:預計3月底,在中國大陸以外的部分考點首先推行 “在家考托福” 的形式。
Coronavirus Update: Solution for TOEFL® testing
March 6, 2020
ETS and the TOEFL® program are pleased to share that we are close to introducing a secure TOEFL iBT® testing solution that will allow students in some areas that have been affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) to take the test from home, prior to test centers reopening for regular testing.
We are targeting this solution to be introduced by the end of March in selected locations outside Mainland China. ETS is also working closely with the relevant government agencies in Mainland China on ways to launch this solution there as soon as possible.
We understand the pressure many institutions are under to come up with alternate ways of assessing English-language proficiency during this time, even if they do not meet high standards for assessment quality or security. This TOEFL testing solution from ETS will ensure you don't need to compromise your standards. It's still the high-quality, research-based test you know and trust that meets ETS's high standards for validity, reliability and security.
We appreciate your patience as we finalize this solution and will be in touch soon with further details. Our thoughts continue to be with all those affected by the coronavirus during this time.
🇬🇧 03/14士林【曼蒂 口說活用】https://reurl.cc/lLmvM6
🇬🇧 03/15台北【允博 核心單字】https://reurl.cc/1Q6mEV
🇬🇧 03/17士林【派老師 英語寫作】https://reurl.cc/8lEjOd
🇬🇧 03/18台北【樊遠 英語寫作】https://reurl.cc/72GMpk
🇬🇧 03/21台北【Brandon口說卓越】https://is.gd/yPZjnO
🇬🇧 03/21高雄【Ben口說卓越】https://bit.ly/3a7qXv7
🇬🇧 03/22高雄【Ben 聽說卓越】https://bit.ly/2T0skpb
🇬🇧 03/22台北【馬翎 聽說卓越】https://reurl.cc/ObZvW3
🇬🇧 03/29台中【Bruce口說活用】https://reurl.cc/W46DjL
🇬🇧 03/31台北【Brandon 口說活用】https://reurl.cc/vnYpNA
🇺🇸 03/17台北【康康 托福閱讀】https://reurl.cc/e5Rd9L
🇺🇸 03/21台北【威廉 托福寫作】https://reurl.cc/md80QA
🇬🇧 03/17台北【海倫 雅思寫作】https://reurl.cc/M7errW
🇬🇧 03/17高雄【李維 雅思寫作】https://bit.ly/383Lej2
🇬🇧 03/22台北【Natalie雅思口說】https://reurl.cc/qD75xn
🇬🇧 03/29士林【Genie 雅思聽力】https://reurl.cc/oDk7Nq
🇬🇧 03/14台北【王祥 GRE計量】https://reurl.cc/Gk8EDy
🇬🇧 03/15台北【李碩 GRE字彙】https://reurl.cc/zy3NE6
🇬🇧 03/19台北【康康 GMAT修辭】https://reurl.cc/drNmQ8
🇬🇧 03/22台北【李碩 GRE讀書會】https://bit.ly/3908IWX
🇬🇧 03/26台北【艾老師 GRE閱讀】https://reurl.cc/0zYLlb
🇬🇧 03/28台北【王祥 GMAT計量】https://reurl.cc/QprZzq
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