Is running water on Mars? 火星上是否有流水?

✿ gully n. 小峽谷
A gully is a narrow, rocky valley or channel with steep sides, made by a fast flowing stream

✿ permafrost layer 永凍層
All the water on Mars may be now locked in the permafrost layer under the surface, with more contained in the planet’s polar caps.

✿ outflow channel (火星上) 溢流河床
Outflow channels are extremely long, wide swathes of scoured ground on Mars, commonly containing the streamlined remnants of pre-existing topography and other linear erosive features indicating sculpting by fluids moving downslope.

✿ runoff channels (火星上) 徑流河床
In the highland plains of Mars in the equatorial region there are many small channels which look like the runoff channels which carry water from rainstorms. These runoff channels are part of the evidence that Mars had much surface water at a previous period of its history.


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