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2. 再一句一句聽寫 (每句都要聽寫數遍,直到寫出85%以上的字)
3. 最後check文稿,看哪聽不出來,單字沒背過,還是發音不熟。
4. 堅持天天聽,就能每天進步哦。



When you go to bed at night, are you already thinking about what you'll have for breakfast in the morning? If you are, that's one more thing you have in common with chimps. Because a new study shows that chimps choose a camp site based on the next morning's menu. The work is in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. [Karline R. L. Janmaat et al, Wild chimpanzees plan their breakfast time, type, and location]
每晚上床入睡前,你是不是都已經想好了第二天早餐吃什麼?如果是這樣,那你跟黑猩猩就又多了一個共同點。一項新的研究顯示:黑猩猩是根據第二天早餐食物來 選擇宿營地點的。此研究刊發於《美國國家科學院院刊》。【卡琳‧R‧L‧楊馬特等:野生黑猩猩會計畫早餐的時間、品種和地點】

The jungle may seem like a place where you can always find a ripe piece of fruit. But the most calorically dense snacks are highly sought after—and quick to disappear. A fig tree, for example, can be stripped bare in a single visit by birds, squirrels or any number of fruit-loving species. So how does a chimp secure a seat at the highly desirable fig cafe?
也許看起來叢林裡好像很容易就能找到成熟的果子。但是,這些高度密集的食物同樣也被覓食者高度搜索著,而且很快就會被消滅完。就拿一棵無花果樹來說吧,鳥 類、松鼠或其他任何一種「食果類」物種採摘一次就能將其「剝光光」。由此看來,黑猩猩先去火爆的無花果「咖啡館」佔下一席之位的想法如何呢?

To find out, researchers tracked five wild chimps at a national park in the Ivory Coast. And they found that the apes set up their sleeping nests along the path to breakfast, and set out before dawn. But they only took these steps when figs were likely on offer.

The findings suggest that chimps can really plan ahead when it comes to their morning meal. And that the early bird may settle for the the worm. Because a clever chimp already took all the figs.


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