apply to 應用

succeed in 成功

major in專業

register for 註冊

drop out 退學

graduate from 畢業

work for 工作

concentrate/focus on專注於

associate with...相關

look into調查

infer A from BB推斷出A

look forward to期望

seeoff 送行

head for 走去

pass by 經過

drop in on 拜訪

call on號召

bring up撫養

suffer from...困擾

die of死於

refrain from 戒掉

look after照顧

grow up成長長大

participate in參加

put off=postpone 推遲

happen to 恰好

compare A to B AB比較

end up 結束

complete with備有

believe in信任

count for 有價值

inform A of B通知

connect A with B 聯繫

tell A from B 辨別

impose A on B強加



be absent from缺席

be busy with忙於

be supposed to應該

be eligible to有資格的

be devoted to 致力於

be indispensable to不可或缺

be responsible to向某人負責

be acquainted to 熟識

be content with 滿意

be likely to 可能

be willing to願意

be reluctant to 不願

be similar to類似

be based on基於

be relevant to相關

be equal to等同

be capable to能夠

be liable to有可能

be used to用於

be about to即將

be bound for 朝向

be bound to 肯定

be famous for 因。。。著名

be subject to 易受。。。影響

be worn out 疲憊

be amazed at驚訝於

be anxious about焦急

be pleased with 滿意

be frank with爽快

be grateful for感激

be determined to

be worthy of值得

be inclined to傾向於

be consistent with一致

be insistent on堅持

be convinced of信服

be opposed to反對

be independent of獨立


GRE閱讀必備片語: 副詞作用的片語

not…at all

not always

little by little

from time to time

to some extent

for good

on purpose

to make matters worse

once in a while

on second thought

for sure

at any rate無論如何

by all mean s不惜一切代價

back and forth反覆的

upside down顛倒

on the spot立即

face to face

side by side

back to back連續




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