Task 1: pie chart + line graph (組合圖)
Task 2: In many countries the quality of life in large cities is becoming worse. What are the causes for this problems? What measures do you think should be taken to tackle this problem?


The world's biggest cities are alluring new inhabitants the way giant sponges are sucking the water out of their surrounding areas. Despite the various benefits the cities can provide, the life quality suffers under a diverse set of environmental and socio-economic issues. In this essay, the most prevalent reasons and solutions will be discussed.


One of the most critical causes of the shattering quality is the worsening of the city dwellers' health due to various environmental pollutants. The smog in the World capitals and other high-density urban areas- e.g. Shanghai and Los Angeles- has become unbearable for their inhabitants and require the undertaking of hampering measures.


The other often mentioned cause is intensified crime events. For that reason people are living under constant fear and threat; leaving them prone to stress related diseases and higher probabilities of falling victims of crimes. For instance, in Latin America's biggest cities, like Sao Paolo, is not recommended for women to walk alone at the streets even during the daylight.


For the problems, there are always solutions. Referring back to the pollution problem, the cure has been declared mainly by the means of cleaner energy and transportation systems. Many so-called 'green cities' like Copenhagen are leading the way in the development of higher quality public transports and prioritising the light vehicle traffic.


Dealing with crimes is a far more complicated. Psychologists believe that more beautiful, clean and happy external environment can reduce crime levels. Thus, this can be something city planners should look into more deeply when planning our urban areas. But most likely, providing people sufficient amount of opportunities and guidance in their lives would be the most effective prevention measure as far as I believe.


To summarise, there are many adversities that can reduce the urban life quality such as environmental pollution and crime; however, there are also opportunities and tools to reduce these effects. Mainly, planning our cities more wisely by taking care of negative environmental and socio-economic effects to peoples' well-being, is necessary and doable.


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