Ice cream ramen - algae jelly 'noodles' sitting in a 'soup' made from condensed milk - is one of the wackiest Instagram food trends yet.



While millions love Ramen (a traditional Japanese soup dish consisting of noodles, broth and a variety of meat or veg toppings) it has never been a dish to satisfy a sweet tooth - until now.



The Dessert Kitchen, a gastronomic haven for outlandish pudding lovers, has created a confusing, yet equally appetising, sugary version of the classic dish that has earned its place at the top of the Insta-food leader board.



So what’s it actually made from? Well, instead of a savoury broth, the noodles sit in a pool of condensed milk and crushed ice with the option of additional toppings such as mochi, fresh fruit and white peach syrup, adding to the ramen aesthetic.



There’s even a vegan version that’s made with coconut milk.



The dish is created using 'noodles' that are made from Kanten, a traditional Japanese jelly that’s actually formed from algae and while they’re usually colourless, The Dessert Kitchen offer them up in variety of flavours from green tea milk to honey and brown sugar.



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