160514【RELIGION 宗教】:Islam 伊斯蘭教  



RELIGION 宗教】:Islam 伊斯蘭教


1. Muslim(Moslem) [ˋmʌzləm] n. 穆斯林 (=Muhammedanism)

A Muslim is someone who believes in Islam and lives according to its rules.

● Caliph  哈里發

● Muhammad  穆罕默德


2. Allah [ˋælə]  n. 真主;阿拉

Islam holds that there is only one God—Allah.


3. Koran [koˋrɑn] n. 可蘭經

Koran is the book composed of sacred writings accepted by Muslims as revelations made to Muhammad by Allah through the angel Gabriel


4. fast [fæst] n. 齋戒;禁食

The ninth month in the Muslim year is the holy month of fasting, in which Muslims may not eat or drink from dawn to sunset.

● Five Pillars of Islam  五功


5. Mosque [mɑsk] n. 清真寺

The mosque, or Muslim place of worship, is the most important building for the Muslims.


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