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洪欣老師推薦:托福聽力最好的課外教材:60-Second Science

1. 先聽兩三遍 (不看文稿)
2. 再一句一句聽寫 (每句都要聽寫數遍,直到寫出85%以上的字)
3. 最後check文稿,看哪聽不出來,單字沒背過,還是發音不熟。
4. 堅持天天聽,就能每天進步哦。

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Consider the times you've hopped on a subway, boarded a plane or entered a waiting room. Chances are, you probably avoided engaging with any fellow commuters or patients. But contrary to what we might think, we'd be happier if we did strike up a conversation with a total stranger.

In a study, commuters in Chicago were asked to either talk with a stranger on a train, or sit quietly alone, or just do whatever they'd normally do on their commute. Then, they responded to a survey about how they felt.

Turns out those who engaged with strangers had the most pleasurable experience and those who remained solitary had the least enjoyable experience. These answers were compared with another group that did not participate but instead had to predict how they might feel in each situation. This group thought talking with strangers would be the least enjoyable, by far. The study is the journal of Experimental Psychology. [Nicholas Epley & Juliana Schroeder: Mistakenly Seeking Solitude]
結果顯示最愉快的是那些與陌生人談話的,最不開心的是那些依然獨處的。而相比這些調查結果,還有一組人並沒有參與其中,目的是為了讓他們預測一下自己在前 兩種情況下會各有什麼感受。而到目前為止,這組人認為,與陌生人交談是最不愉快的。這項研究被發表在《實驗心理學》雜誌上。

So despite being social animals and enjoying social engagement, we avoid chatting with strangers. Why? Well, according to a follow up study it's because we think, wrongly, that strangers don't want to talk with us. The one way to get over this is to practice reaching out – who knows, commuting could become more enjoyable.
—Christie Nicholson
所以儘管我們是社會動物,享受於社交活動之中,但我們卻仍避免與陌生人交流,這是為什麼呢?嗯,根據一項後續研究表明,是因為我們錯誤的認為陌生人不想和 我們聊天。而克服這個問題的方法之一就是去親身實踐——誰知道會怎樣呢?坐車上下班或許會變得更愉快。——克里斯蒂‧尼克爾森


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