環境類話題也是高頻寫作話題,話題包括個人是否要保護環境,例如:Some think that environmental problems are too big for individuals to solve, while others think the problems cannot be solved unless individuals take some action. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
政府,公司,個人,誰負責任?例如:The environmental problem in the world cannot be solved by ordinary people, and governments and large companies should be responsible for the problem.To what extent do you agree or disagree? 
不保護的原因及措施,例如:Many people think it is very important to protect the environment but they make no effort to do it themselves.Why is the case? What actions can be done to encourage individuals to protect the individual?
1. sustainable development 可持續發展
2. exploit natural resources 開採自然資源
3. the ecosystem 生態系統
4. discharge/release vt.排放(污染物)
5. contamination n.污染物
6. low carbon 低碳
7. environmental protection 環境保護
8. greenhouse effect 溫室效應
9. toxic a.有毒的
10. Environment is the foundation upon which the development of human civilization depends.環境是人類文明發展的基礎
11. as environment continuously deteriorates 隨著環境的持續惡化
12. industrial waste 工業廢料
13. the chief culprit 罪魁禍首
14. suffer from respiratory diseases 患上呼吸疾病
15. provide medical subsidies 提供醫療補助
16. be confronted with dire challenges 面臨嚴峻的挑戰
17. unlimited discharge of pollutants 無限制的污染物的排放
18. introduce laws and policies 推出法律和政策
19. require public cooperation 需要公共合作
20. echo the policy 呼應政策
21. rapid depletion 快速的消耗
22. take a pessimistic view 採取消極態度
23. penalty 懲罰
24. incentive 獎勵機制
25. disposable 一次性的
26. environmentally friendly 環保的
27. exhaust emission 廢氣排放
28. enact laws and regulations 頒布法律法規
29. levy heavy tax on 對…徵收重稅
30. publicize 宣傳
31. controversial issue 有爭議的問題
32. be disposed of 去除,處理
33. dilemma 進退兩難的局面
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