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Ever throw an avocado in a paper bag with a banana to get the avocado to ripen faster? That trick works because both of them are what's called"climacteric" fruits. Meaning they release ethylene gas as they mature—and the gas in turn accelerates ripening. At maximum ethylene release, the fruit reaches peak ripeness: ideal taste and texture. After that, the fruit's cells begin to die, molds move in, and it rots.
有沒有嘗試過把鱷梨和香蕉扔進一個紙袋裡,好讓鱷梨熟的更快?這個技巧管用是因為它們都是所謂的「更年果實」(躍變型果實)。也就是說它們成熟了都會釋放 乙烯氣體,而乙烯氣體反過來也會加速果實的成熟。乙烯釋放的最高峰,果實也達到最佳成熟期:擁有理想的味道和質地。在那之後,果實的細胞開始死亡,黴菌侵 入,繼而果實腐爛。

So how to determine the best time for picking—and eating? Today's high-tech farmers might sample the ethylene released by the fruit, as it sits in an airtight container. Or use a color meter, to track a fruit's progression towards "ripe color."

But now researchers have devised what might be a simpler and more scientifically accurate technique—shooting fruit with lasers. When they zapped golden delicious apples, what bounced back was a speckled pattern of black and red dots: a measure of how the fruit's cells and water absorbed and reflected the laser light. That pattern changed over time, right in step with the fruit's release of ethylene. Meaning these images could be a good proxy for ethylene measurements, and let farmers know the best time to harvest. The study is in the journal Applied Optics.
但現在研究人員發明了一種更簡單、更科學精準的「激光射擊」水果技術。當他們對著金燦燦的蘋果射擊時,會反彈出黑色和紅色的圓斑點:一種衡量果實的細胞和 水如何對激光吸收及反射的方法。這種模式會隨著時間的推移而改變,而且恰好與水果釋放的乙烯保持一致。這意味著這些圖像可以作為乙烯測量的一個很好的代理 服務器,幫助農民瞭解何時為收穫的最佳時機。該研究發表在《應用光學》雜誌上。

Next, the researchers hope to develop a handheld laser for farmers, so they can shoot fruit right on the tree. It remains to be seen if laser measurement of bananas will have…appeal.


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