160416【CHEMISTRY化學】:compound 化合物

【CHEMISTRY化學】:compound 化合物
1. isotope [ˋaɪsə͵top] n. 同位素
Isotope is two forms of atoms which have the same number of protons and electrons but different numbers of neutrons. 
2. isomer [ˋaɪsəmɚ] n. 同分異構物
An isomer is one of two or more compounds that contain the same number and kinds of atoms but that differ significantly in their geometric arrangement.
3. allotrope [ˋælə͵trop] n. 同素異形體
A structurally differentiated form of an element that exhibits two or more crystalline or molecular structural forms of an element.
4. radical [ˋrædɪkḷ] n. 基;原子團
Radical is a group of atoms forming part of a compound and not changing during chemical reactions
● free radical 自由基
5. valence [ˋveləns] n.   ( = valency)
Valences are the combining capacity of an atom or radical determined by the number of electrons that it will lose, add, or share when it reacts with other atoms. Carbon has a valence of four.


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