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If you like to wind down with a drink, you've perhaps also rationalized the act with this often repeated claim: <> But a new study finds that alcohol's supposed benefit may in fact only be available to certain people—who happen to have the right genes.

\Researchers studied 600 Swedish men and women with heart disease, and compared them to some 3,000 healthy volunteers. They asked the subjects about their drinking, measured their blood cholesterol, and sequenced each subject's version of a gene that governs the transport of cholesterol to the liver.

Turns out, moderate drinking—a couple of drinks a day—appeared to lower heart disease risk overall by 20 percent. But subjects who had a specific variant of that cholesterol transport gene, and tipped back a few? They had an 80 percent reduction in heart disease risk. And the gene variant isn't protective by itself; only when combined with booze. The results appear in the journal Alcohol. [Kirsten Mehlig et al:CETP Taq IB genotype modifies the association between alcohol and coronary heart disease: The INTERGENE case-control study]
結果表明,適度飲酒——每天一兩杯——貌似真的會整體上降低約20%患心臟病的風險。但是,研究對象中擁有該膽固醇運輸基因特定變體的人,會再次降低嗎? 他們患心臟疾病的風險降低了80%。而且該基因變體本身並不具保護力,只有當它與酒結合時才會發揮作用。該研究發表於《酒精》雜誌。【克里斯汀‧梅裡等: 膽固醇酯轉移蛋白Taq酶包涵體基因型會更改酒精與冠心病之間的關係:內部基因病例對照研究】

Unfortunately, only about 15 percent of us have this variant. Study author Dag Thelle, of the University of Gothenburg, says that past studies which found what looks statistically like a slight heart benefit of moderate drinking in large populations, could actually just be detecting this huge alcohol benefit, in the small, lucky gene group. While the vast majority of drinkers get no benefit at all.

So any message here for drinkers? <<"In my view there is not. Not at this time. It's far too early to say anything.">> The study's too small, he says, and has to be repeated. However, <<"Most of my friends they claim they drink moderately. But when I look at them I see there's quite a large variation.">> Before you order that next round, you might wanna take that idea to heart.


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